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Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research

The Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research (JILAR) is an international journal dedicated to publishing original research on the histories, political economies, sociologies, literatures, and cultures of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. JILAR has a particular commitment to publishing interdisciplinary research and encourages and makes room for debates on current research concerns. The journal welcomes individual or multiple-authored articles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It publishes review essays, book and film reviews, and also invites proposals from prospective editors for special thematic issues. (nach oben)

Journal of Iberian & Latin American Studies

Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies is an international journal devoted to the history and cultures of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. Its main purpose is to disseminate research of the highest standards in the areas of early modern, modern and contemporary history. This includes work in the area of cultural production that is historically grounded. (nach oben)

Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies

The Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies (JMIS) is a new interdisciplinary journal for innovative scholarship on the multiple languages, cultures, and historical processes of the Iberian Peninsula, and the zones with which it was in contact. Recognizing the vitality of debates about change in the fourth and fifth centuries, and conscious of the artificiality of the boundaries associated with 1492, we encourage submission of all innovative scholarship of interest to the community of medievalists and Iberianists. (nach oben)

Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies

Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies is an international peer-reviewed journal that interrogates cultural production and cultural practices in or related to the nations comprised by the Spanish state. It promotes innovative theoretical and critical work at a high intellectual level that fills existing gaps in scholarship or rethinks the cultural meanings of previously studied material. Work across disciplinary boundaries is encouraged, as is work that addresses Spain’s internal cultural configuration or its relationship to broader geo-political scenarios (Iberian peninsula, Mediterranean, Europe, the Americas, Africa, etc.). (nach oben)